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1820 Spa is a peaceful day spa that is dedicated to wellness. We are here to help nurture personal growth, while focusing on physical wellbeing and cultivating inner peace.  1820 Spa remains focused on the eight concepts of wellness:


  1. Emotional – Establish healthy boundaries between guests, therapists, and employees. Listen to and respect the wishes and needs of others. Create space for people to feel safe and connected.

  2. Physical – Be mindful of others comfort level and personal space. Provide a safe space to receive therapeutic massage and other wellness-related treatments and therapies.

  3. Occupational – Open-dialogue policy for therapists and employees to ensure everyone’s thoughts, feelings, and facts are heard and taken into consideration. Every voice matters.

  4. Intellectual – Motivate therapists to invest in themselves with continuing education by implementing an incentive program. Engage in thoughtful conversation with others.

  5. Financial – Price competitively, charge guests fairly, and provide an opportunity for therapists and employees to earn adequate income.

  6. Social – Host and promote public wellness events at Brut Hotel, Soma, and 1820 Spa. Community involvement, offering on-site chair massage and yoga for business and sporting events. Host events that contribute to charitable causes.

  7. Environmental – Be aware of all products that are used in the spa and the impact they have on the environment. Consistently make choices that are eco-friendly and leave a small ecological footprint.

  8. Spiritual – Foster self-care and spiritual growth by hosting events that encourage self-awareness and deepen spiritual connections.

Our vision is to inspire healing on all levels by honoring the rhythms of nature.  We strive to heighten awareness and broaden perspectives for a better future for all of life on earth.

Breathe in Peace

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